Fitness background:
I have always been very active starting at a very young age playing competitive soccer, softball and gymnastics among other things. My athletic interest shifted in high school where I became involved with dance and cheer. It was my love of movement as creative expression partnered with a passion for the great outdoors that has kept me involved in fitness to this day. Over the last 15 years I have coached many facets of movement including dance, acrobatics, tumbling, gymnastics, yoga and lagree. As a gymnastics/tumbling/acrobatic coach I learned the importance of strengthening and stretching the body to maintain a happy structure. In early 2012 I took my coaching to another level and enrolled in a 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Upon completion I was hired right away as a yoga instructor and have been teaching yoga ever since. In 2014 I was introduced to lagree and immediately fell in love with the method. The strengthening aspect, the slow intentional movement and of course the results! I became certified to teach in spring of 2017 and joined the Inspire family. I love the attention to the major muscle groups and the incredible strength it has given me to do my other passions in life like backpacking around the pacific northwest, cycling and of course yoga. In 2016 I enrolled in a graduate program for structural medicine and have since incorporated my education of body alignment and function into my classes. I have recently begun teaching a myofascial release class dedicated to helping students find relief in their tight myofascial tissues.

Why I love what I do:
Teaching is a passion of mine and what I love most is that I get to help integrate my love of fitness and wellness into the lives of my students, helping them to realize their fullest potential and get in better touch with themselves. I believe that creating a healthy body creates a healthy mindset which leads to living your best life possible.

I love teaching lagree because I get to help others achieve stronger bodies and tap into the mind-body awareness that has helped me so much in my daily activities. There’s an incredible amount of will power that such an intense method fosters which only adds to the magic in the experience. A strong mind coupled with a strong body and a desire to better yourself is what keeps me motivated and helping others achieve those same goals is a dream come true. Working with a method that cultivates safe body alignment techniques and helps clients achieve their fitness goals is something I hope to stay involved with for a very long time. I believe that fitness is a key component to a happy life and encourage all people to make time for movement each and every day.

Values: Honesty, Practicing Presence, Living life to the fullest.