I never considered myself ‘athletic’ or ‘fit.’ I wanted to be, but was intimidated by most sports and fitness activities. So, “work” was my easy excuse; I became a workaholic. After a decade of living in a city that embraces “work” the most (NYC), and armed with a desire to adopt a healthier life and lifestyle, I moved to Seattle in 2010. Within a year, while so many promoted the virtues of hiking and biking, I discovered my loves are running and Lagree Fitness. And after three years as a devoted Lagree student (and visiting Lagree studios in NY, Boston, Denver, Las Vegas, and L.A.), I got certified to teach the method when Inspire West Seattle opened in 2013. Today, I spend the bulk of my week running my own business (which fulfills me mentally), and temper that with literal running (I’m almost always training for a half- or full-marathon), taking Lagree classes, and teaching the method at Inspire. I love seeing both the mental and physical transformations of students who walk through our doors every day; I empathize with all aspects of those transformations. This workout has inspired me in so many ways over the years; it’s an honor to see it inspire you!