Fitness background:
My fitness journey really took off as I entered college, amid incredible change and growth in my life. I found solace in this transitional time of life through mainly physical conditioning (running, skiing and swimming), until a knee injury lead me to more strengthening and lower impact exercises. Over the years of trying new forms of movement and strengthening exercises, I’ve deepened this passion of fitness for not only myself but others I want to share it with. Upon finding Lagree, it hit me that this method could not only strengthen and protect your body from injury, but it also sparked a mental connection with slow and controlled body movement. After that realization and leaning into this form of fitness and community, began my personal growth towards living a life with more intention, confidence, balance, and self awareness. And now, I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Why I love what I do:
As a former Inspire student, this community of instructors challenged me physically and mentally, motivating me to help others realize the full potential of their personal strength (mind and body) in a challenging, yet dare I say, therapeutic environment. I strive to create a space where my students can destress, breathe and feel connected and strong in their bodies, in just 40 minutes of their crazy day.

1. Free Spirit
2. Balance
3. Mindfulness