Fitness background:
I have a background in professional dance, which led me to the Yoga/Pilates/Fitness world – and ultimately Lagree. My appreciation and love for the method began when I started working with clients who had injuries/limitations – including my mom and sister. Seeing them progress was especially exciting for me. This made me realize Lagree’s accessibility to all walks of life.

Why I love what I do:
I love how it is challenging, yet still manages to be light on the joints and rehabilitating for the body. In addition to the genius of the method itself, I enjoy the creativity it allows me in teaching. I’m constantly curating new playlists and trying to create better routines than my last. I try to support my students by encouraging them to not be afraid to fail, not be afraid to feel, and not be afraid to fight.

Values: Social justice for all, Love someone before you judge them, Embrace your individuality.