From Denver to North Carolina to Kentucky back to Denver and then on to Seattle, Rebekah has been teaching a variety of fitness methods for 15 years. She found her focus when she discovered Lagree fitness in 2010 and she’s never looked back. At the core of her passion for fitness is the psychology of it all. It has been her mission to empower and to help others find strength within themselves through fitness. She is inspired by the personal evolution she witnesses on a daily basis and she loves watching people not only conquer but crush any self-doubt, fear or obstacles in their way.

As Studio Director, Rebekah has taken over the training and development of each new instructor who comes through Inspire’s doors. She plans to continuously cultivate and grow the method, focusing her energy on her personal-growth and on the development of instructors & clients alike. Rebekah’s extensive Pilates background ensures that her classes are form-focused with an extreme kinesthetic awareness, but her LOVE for cardio and intensity will leave you sweaty and shaking. Rebekah pours her heart and soul into every class. She knows that performance is impacted by positive reinforcement. She will challenge you, but she will be there to support you every step of the way. Her aim is to inspire, to motivate and to help you achieve greatness during each class.