Fitness Background: I wasn’t much of an athlete when I was young, although I loved playing tennis badly. In trying to maintain my health as an adult, for many years I focused on weight training and hiking, with an inconsistent mix of aerobics, dance, yoga, cycling, and running. In 2012, I was introduced to Lagree and it’s become the most consistent and impactful exercise practice of my life. 

Why I love what I do: The Lagree workout is an essential part of my life and health, and I love sharing the experience. Everyone should have the opportunity to get stronger and healthier. I also love that the workout continues to challenge me after 11 years and I see and feel the difference, both mentally and physically. Teaching gives me an opportunity to blend my experience as a performer, corporate trainer, and executive coach with this impactful workout I love. It’s been amazing to build connections and community with the students and the other instructors.

Values: Integrity, Kindness, Sense of Humor