Fitness Background: After a relatively sedentary childhood, I started running when I was in college, and I quickly found a passion for long distance running. I set a life goal to run a half marathon in all 50 states, and I have been dedicated to the sport ever since. About 6 years into my running journey, I realized that to be the strongest I could be, I needed to incorporate something else into my fitness routine. After trying several workouts, including CrossFit, Barre, and Yoga, I finally found Lagree at Inspire, and I was hooked. After 4 years of taking classes at Inspire, I took the plunge and decided to become an instructor myself! 

Why love what I do: I am so passionate about the many benefits of Lagree! The combination of resistance training, high intensity, and low impact exercise makes Lagree the perfect complement to a fit and healthy lifestyle. In my personal experience, Lagree has made me a stronger and faster runner, while also helping me to avoid injuries. The fact that classes are only 40 minutes long is perfect for a busy schedule. And, I love that Lagree is challenging, even after taking classes for years! It doesn’t get easier, but you do get stronger. Helping others to discover that strength in themselves is so rewarding (and, if they can have fun while doing it, even better!) 

Values: Dedication, Empathy, Integrity