1. An image of a smoothie bowl surrounded by other healthy foods.

    What to Eat After a Lagree Workout

    Whether it's your first Lagree workout or you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to the reformer, knowing what to eat after a workout is key. We all know that it’s important to fuel your body with the right foods and macronutrients for your health, but if you’re not fueling yourself with the righ…Read More

  2. An image of a woman standing stretching in a white sports bra and black leggings.

    Low Impact Exercise and Injuries

    First things first, low impact does not mean low intensity. Low impact workouts are still just as hard, if not harder, than most typical high impact exercises. We all know that it’s important to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle, but heavy physical activity can sometimes have a nega…Read More

  3. Tips for Sticking to Your Fitness Goals

    The New Year’s fitness kick is long over and while summer is just around the corner you may be finding yourself in a bit of a rut. You may no longer be as motivated to hit the gym and stick to your diet and that is okay. It’s perfectly normal for your health goals to fluctuate throughout the yea…Read More