Fitness Background: My passion for fitness actually started right here at Inspire, West Seattle! In 2013, my mom and I took a class and were equal parts impressed and shocked at how challenging and unique the workout was. More intrigued than intimidated, we continued to take classes, and loved how strong we became. In 2015,  I moved to San Francisco where I got certified as a Lagree Fitness Instructor. There, I taught for many years while working in tech. After I was laid off due to the pandemic, I refocused my career on health and wellness. In 2021, I moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where I taught at the Lagree studios Be.Core and The Place. While in Stockholm, I earned my Pre & Postnatal Pilates Certification, and STOTT Pilates Mat Certification from the Stockholm Pilates Center. Now, I’m happy to be home, and reconnect with the West Seattle community. 

Why I love what I do: I love being the guide on someone’s workout experience. I believe fitness is a way to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, and through our physicality, celebrate how incredible we really are. I love turning up the music, and creating a fun and judgement-free atmosphere where we can get stronger together over time. I also love using metaphors and stories to keep everyone engaged and distracted from the burn! 

Values: Trusting our body’s intuition, Humor, and Kindness.