The Program

lagree fitness

INSPIRE Seattle is proud to be the first studio in Seattle offering the Lagree Fitness workout and the Megaformer. Lagree Fitness fuses key elements of Pilates with strength training and cardio, offering a low-impact, high-intensity total body workout in a dynamic class environment.

Our workout strengthens the body, tones and elongates the muscles, improves endurance, jump-starts metabolism, burns fat, increases flexibility and postural alignment, and restores the body’s natural balance. All in just 40 minutes!

By incorporating the key principles of core stability and blending them with the fusion of muscle dynamics, Sebastien Lagree has created “THE NEXT EVOLUTION IN PHYSICAL FITNESS.” Lagree Fitness, simply put, is the most innovative and effective approach to full body conditioning.


The lifting and lowering phases of each repetition take 4 seconds or more. They key is not to lift using momentum. A big advantage of this fitness regimen is the smaller risk of injury compared to other methods of lifting; many joint injuries occur from lifting weights too fast. Another advantage of slow and controlled movement training is that it can be used to “wake” up muscles that have gotten used to traditional methods. One more advantage is the amount of time that the muscle is placed under tension. This could be a key factor in why members who have used the Lagree fitness method and the Megaformer have experienced greater gains in strength.


Each set in this fitness program is designed to work the muscle to failure. Muscular “failure” occurs when the muscle can no longer move or contract concentrically. During a session, each set allows you to progress through all 4 motor unit types. Your body will start by recruiting your slow twitch fibers first, as the set progresses and those fibers weaken, your body will recruit your fast intermediate muscles fibers (type 2a and 2b); finally, for the last 2 to 20 seconds of the set, your body will recruit your fast twitch fibers. This progressive overloading seems to create the greatest metabolic response.


Inspire Seattle describes its workouts as low-impact, high-intensity, but what does intensity mean? Intensity is the amount of effort required or the amount of energy required to do the work. You can increase intensity by recruiting the most number of muscle fibers in the shortest amount of time and/or by reducing the time between sets. In other words, you should either burn more calories in the same amount of time, or burn the same calories in a lesser amount of time or combine both.


The Megaformer works multiple muscles at the same time. Aside from being extremely time efficient, working multiple muscles at the same time burns more calories than isolation exercises; develops core strength faster; stimulates balance and body coordination better; keeps the heart rate up; and build strength quicker than isolation movements.


Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Many studies show that the greater loss of fat happens AFTER the workout! During EPOC the body is restoring itself to its pre-exercise state, and thus is consuming oxygen at an elevated rate. This means that energy is also being expended at an elevated rate (including an elevated consumption of fat). The EPOC effect is greatest soon after the exercise is completed and decreases to a lesser level over time. Some studies found measurable effects existed up to 38 hours after the exercise!