Fitness Background: Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve always had an appreciation for the outdoors and staying active– playing sports, hiking, or just running around outside. In college, I began working with a personal trainer and practicing yoga, where my desire to stay active grew into a love for strength training, conditioning, and a regular yoga practice. After college I continued to pursue my health and fitness goals while beginning a career in the corporate world. After living such an active life, the change to sitting at a desk for 9+ hours per day quickly took a toll on my body and mind, so I quickly decided a career change was needed. I took a huge leap into the health and fitness world by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM, since 2012), a Vinyasa/Flow Yoga Teacher (RYT200, since 2013), Lagree Fitness Teacher (since 2014), and Barre Teacher (Barre Bohemian, since 2015).

Why I love what I do: After taking my first Lagree workout at Inspire, I was totally hooked— the strength, conditioning, intensity, and control that Lagree provides is not only an incredible workout on its own, but is such a great complement to any other type of physical activity. Since making Lagree my main form of strength training, I’ve seen my yoga practice and my running performance improve immensely. My favorite part of teaching Lagree is staying challenged not only in the workout itself, but in keeping my classes effective, fresh, and fun for my students! I am so proud to share this amazing form of fitness with the Seattle community!

Values: Authenticity, Compassion, Playfulness