Fitness Background: My fitness background is a mixture of different training methods. I am a lifelong athlete, having played a variety of sports growing up, but focusing on soccer. Soccer exposed me to various strength and conditioning methods, such as plyometric training, weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and dynamic stretching. After soccer, I began to pursue other athletic interests such as surfing, skiing, and trail running. I was looking for a fitness method that would complement these activities. Unfortunately, my previous methods of training were not creating the functional muscles I was looking for. My body was not performing the way it wanted to do, and worst of all, I was constantly getting injured. That’s when I found Lagree Fitness! Finally, I had found a workout that actually made me to stronger in every part of my body and increased my flexibility, my cardio endurance, and even my balance, all in one workout!

Why I love what I do: For me I love teaching this workout because of its inclusivity. I believe fitness should be for everyone, not just fit people. Life is a journey and I can say that I have seen this workout change so many people’s lives in so many positive ways. This workout is more than just a workout. It’s about taking back control of what is rightfully yours–your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Values: Intensity – I love teaching a class where everyone is challenged and working towards the same goal, and we’re lifting each other up to get there! Flow – The beauty of Lagree is the creativity is allows the instructor. Quick transitions, seamless movements, muscles constantly engaged. Integrity – I always try to deliver and ensure everyone has a great experience.