Ella Mae


Fitness Background: Growing up, you could count on me having rollerblades on, baseball bat in hand, or shooting hoops. And when not doing any of the above, I was likely watching the Sandlot on repeat.  Activity and movement had always been a part of my day to day – attempting hurdles on the track field and posting forward on the court – until they  weren’t. In came the 9-5 and out went everything else. But then came Lagree. Hooked after that first class in 2011, I rediscovered movement that fueled and empowered me. That, and the nerd in me wanting to know the science behind the method, brought me to teaching.  Three years as a teacher, never not a student – I am constantly seeing and learning just how resilient our bodies are and what they are capable of doing under challenge. 

Why I Love What I Do:  More than just the science behind the shake, community – connecting with clients, understanding their goals, and maybe getting to play a small part of empowering them on their journey towards reaching those goals. Also, I might kind of love playing DJ and throwing together a playlist for planks.

Values: Community, Kindness, Humor