Fitness Background: While I never played sports growing up, my interest in working out and fitness was sparked during college when I had access to beautiful on-campus gyms. After college, I began practicing yoga on a regular basis to help combat some intense anxiety and really tapped into how movement and breath-work could radically change how I felt physically and mentally. I became a boutique fitness junkie trying everything from spin to TRX. I hated the first Lagree class I took and swore there was no way anyone could ever do the workout AND be good at it. But I found myself back in the studio a week later. And then again. And again. Once I was hooked, it became hard to go back to any other type of workout and after a couple years as a client, I earned my certification for Lagree in 2019. I’m still hooked! 

Why I love what I do: I love Lagree because it’s an effective workout for the busy world I live in (and many others)! There are very few workouts that can get the intensity in a 40 minute class the way Lagree does. It’s never boring, ever-changing and I’ve never felt (or looked) as strong as I do with consistent Lagree practice. Inspire has such a positive environment with fun clients and instructors, I always look forward to teaching and taking classes! The community I’ve connected with through Inspire is one of my favorite parts of this job. 

Values: Honesty, Well-being, Consistency