Fitness Background: Just like many others, my movement and teaching journey began at a young age through sports and dance. As a former Musical Theater performer, I have been coaching voice and dance since my college years at The Boston Conservatory. My transition to the fitness world came about in 2014 with the completion of my 200 hour Baptiste yoga training certification. (Spira Power Yoga) I then quickly completed a Barre training program and went on to become Lead Teacher at Bohemian Studios, during which time I led five teacher trainings, and have mentored many instructors on their teaching journey. (Along with Carly and Sarah at my side!) In 2019, at the encouragement of Carly, I decided to add Lagree to my teaching repertoire. Y’all.. I wanted to quit! The method and training tested me in ways I never expected, and I am forever grateful to the Inspire team for pushing me to work through the challenge because it has become my favorite method to teach. As the current Training lead, I am overjoyed that I am now able to foster the growth of new instructors as they discover their love of teaching and develop their amazing skill set!

Why I Love What I Do: SO many things! The community! Being able to share a space with a room of folks that are testing their limits and exploring their strength is truly powerful. The accessibility! Most of us haven’t made it this far in life without injuries; I love that we can provide a low impact, high intensity workout that can be adapted to accommodate where your body is on any given day. I often think of my classes as having a conversation with your physical self. I also love that we are forced to slow down and really listen to our bodies; our slow pace is such a great break from the hustle of our culture and really allows this method to be a form of moving meditation. I know I can’t think about my problems when I’m in a Bear… And lastly, I think my favorite thing is that through this modality, we are never done learning. I’m a huge anatomy nerd, and am constantly learning more about the body and how to move. This keeps things always fresh and ensures I am always working to offer effective, challenging and most importantly, safe ways to strengthen

Values: Community, Continued growth and education, Movement as joy, not punishment