Fitness Background: I did competitive gymnastics for 12 years, and when I decided to step away from the sport, I found myself missing my gym, the amazing community it provides, and moving my body. I signed up to teach the 2-4 yr old gymnastics classes to get back into it (yes, they were totally adorable), and wound up giving private lessons to young gymnasts until I went to college. Those early years of teaching reminded me how much I love to help others get and stay fit, help people to learn new skills, and to keep pushing to new limits.

Why I love what I do: Getting to teach at Inspire brings me so much joy. I see new faces everyday, we try new moves together, play good tunes. It’s a community of some of the strongest people I know – the teachers and students alike. Helping others improve their strength, getting them to move their bodies, making folks laugh (cheesy, but true) are a few of the many reasons I show up. And the great music we play.

Values: Thoughtfulness, Enthusiastic Passionate