Fitness background: Over the 18+ years I’ve been in fitness industry I’ve taught a variety of modalities: Certified Personal Trainer, Ballet Barre, HIIT, Kettlebells, Classical Pilates & Lagree Fitness. And while I Love all forms of movement I specialize in (and am Most Passionate about) the Lagree Method.

Why I love what I do: For me fitness and body movement is about connecting with and empowering others. It’s about Wellness as a whole. It’s about the mental game — strengthening the mind through the strengthening of the body. I love how movement allows one to go inwards and fully connect to the body. And by being present and intentional in movement, in thoughts and in breath I find it a powerful form of meditation. So much of fitness for me is about allowing and providing oneself grace. It’s about the journey, about connecting to community, and about creating a tribe.

Values: Passion, Curiosity, Growth