The differences between lagree and pilates

Lagree fitness is becoming one of the fastest growing and most popular workout styles in the fitness industry. The Lagree method is a multi-faceted workout that combines both resistance training and cardio into one. It’s an all-inclusive balanced system to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body all in 40 minutes.

Lagree was created by a man named Sebastien Lagree, who also invented the Megaformer, which goes along with the exercise method. Lagree fitness offers a unique twist on traditional exercises like squats, lunges, planks, and push ups while combining those movements with exercises specific to the Megaformer.

Many people have equated Lagree to Pilates and while they may have certain similarities, they do have their differences. At Inspire Seattle, we are a full Lagree studio and proud to be the first studio in Seattle to offer the Lagree Method! So let’s go over some of the main differences between Lagree and Pilates.

The Machine

One of the main differences is the machine that is used. Many clients will walk into their first class thinking that the Megaformer is a traditional Pilates reformer. While the carriage mobility, handlebars, tension, and long straps are similar on the two machines, the Megaformer has a wider and lighter carriage, adjustable handlebars, shorter handles, and eyelets on the carriage made for leg, core, arm, and back exercises. All of the differences on the Megaformer were made to create more movement versatility and to incorporate various exercises.

The Pace

Lagree classes are based on slow controlled movements to help work multiple muscle groups at once, whereas Pilates tends to focus on faster movements. When you engage more muscles in a shorter period of time, your body typically burns energy for a longer period of time. It’s almost like you’re working out even after you’ve finished your workout.


In Pilates, you typically take breaks in between each set of exercises. In Lagree, you will move through various exercises but those moves are slowly and smoothly transitioned into one another. You focus on muscle control throughout each movement, these transitions help allow your muscles to work harder and give you a shorter workout time, hence the 40 minute training session.


Lagree tends to incorporate slower exercises that are targeted specifically to engage your core muscles. Your core muscles are extremely important for better balance, which is something that is essential when looking to maintain long-term health.

Muscle Focus

In Pilates workouts, you’re working to target one specific muscle group at one time. Lagree classes were created to target many muscles at the same time, so while you may be doing a leg exercise, that leg exercise is going to have you working your legs, core, and arms all at once.

At Inspire Seattle, we have all types of classes to get you started with Lagree no matter where you are in your fitness journey. We offer new client specials, monthly packages, private lessons, and even small group lessons for a more personal experience. You can view all of our plans here and if you have any other questions feel free to contact us here. With three studios all over Seattle, you’re bound to find a studio near you. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with Lagree!