Tips for setting new fitness goals

You set out to accomplish something big, and you worked your tail off to get there. Congratulations — you finally reached your fitness goal! It’s time to celebrate. Yet you might be thinking to yourself — now what? You don’t want to lose this momentum, but you also want to be realistic. Your goal motivated you to this point, so you want to be thoughtful about the next milestone you strive for to ensure you never stop seeking to get better. If you’re looking to set new fitness goals for yourself, here are some tips for refining them: reflect on how you’ve changed Chances are, through the process of striving towards your fitness goals, you’ve changed. Take some time to reflect on how you’ve changed, both as a person and in terms of your lifestyle. Maybe you have become more ambitious through this process, and therefore, can strive for bigger goals. Maybe your schedule has gotten busier with a new job, hobby, or relationship, and now you need to adapt your fitness routine to better fit into your life. This time you’re setting goals, you’re a new person, so make them according to who you are now, not who you used to be. focus on what worked… Think about what helped you succeed in the past. Did waking up earlier to incorporate a morning workout give you the time you were lacking before? Did meal prep help you eat healthily consistently? Consider what behaviors helped you achieve what you were striving for, and you are more likely to achieve your new goals as well. Keep in mind that if they aren’t helping you towards your new goal as they did before, you can always revise them.
…and what didn’t work On the other side of that coin, consider what behaviors and habits were not helpful for your goal setting. Did you find that you hated lifting weights? Did spin class take too much of your time? The key to sticking to healthy choices is making them as easy to incorporate as possible, which means you should enjoy them. If you’re choking down kale, you’re not going to be able to sustain a daily habit of eating it for dinner. Remember you always have options. There are ways to strengthen your body without weights (like Lagree fitness). There are workouts that aren’t time-consuming (again, like Lagree fitness). There are vegetables with the same nutritional benefits of kale. Find what you enjoy so you can sustain it. try something new It’s a new goal, and a new you — why not try a new type of fitness? Maybe your goal was to run a half-marathon. Now that you’ve done it, you don’t have to give up running, and maybe you’re already set on going for a marathon now. However, cross-training is valuable, particularly for running, and the more fitness activities you enjoy, the easier it is to incorporate it into your daily life. Why not come in to try a Lagree fitness class in Seattle? At Inspire Seattle, you can try two of our Megaformer classes for $30! We are happy to help support your new fitness goals. Check out our schedule today to find a class that works for you.