Tips for sticking to your fitness goals

The New Year’s fitness kick is long over and while summer is just around the corner you may be finding yourself in a bit of a rut. You may no longer be as motivated to hit the gym and stick to your diet and that is okay. It’s perfectly normal for your health goals to fluctuate throughout the year. At Inspire Fitness, we want to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle, and we’ve listed out a few tips to help you continue on your fitness journey and stick to your goals.


Just like you keep a schedule for work, you should do the same with your fitness goals. We recommend writing them down in a planner, calendar (your phone calendar works too), or even just on a sticky note. This way you have them right in front of your face, and that constant reminder can be enough to hold yourself accountable. Find what works for you. If you have a busy work day and the idea of working out in the evening sounds like medieval torture, try working out in the morning. It might be hard at first, but once you create that routine for yourself it will become second nature.


Even the most experienced gym go-ers and fitness freaks need to switch up their workouts. Switching things up helps your body both mentally and physically. Mentally, changing up your usual exercises can help boost your motivation and even rebuild your love for fitness. We all know, doing the same thing everyday can become exhausting, and fitness isn’t just purely physical. Give your brain a new aspect to focus on. Experimenting with various forms of exercise such as Lagree, yoga, and all other forms can also be a new way to challenge your body physically. If you tend to do the same exercises, your body may become accustomed to those movements. New exercises will help fire up new muscles and challenge your body in ways that you may not usually be doing.


This might sound like you’re rewarding yourself for getting in a rut, but trust us it’s not the same. While this might not work for everyone, investing in some new fitness gear could help rev up your excitement for fitness. Something as simple as a new pair of sneakers or new top can help improve your confidence and help get to your next workout. After all, why waste a cute new top?


Starting the journey to a healthy lifestyle can be a very challenging thing. Be kind and forgiving to yourself and understand that it is okay if you are not at your best everyday. We at Inspire Fitness want to help promote your overall health and encourage well-being. Let’s us help you get out of your fitness rut, check out our specials for first time go-ers and everything you need to know about lagree fitness. We can’t wait to be a part of you journey!