Fitness Background: My journey into and with fitness in general is not, perhaps, the usual one. I struggled with my weight for most of my life, and into my adult one. At my heaviest I was over 350lbs. I had two choices… live the life I want… or do not live at all…So I shifted everything. I am passionate about health, and have worked in the Pilates world for about 8yrs now. I have worked as a chef, with a focus in plant based foods, as a dancer and an artist. I am always trying to find ways to inspire myself and others to discover that all of our potential is limitless! 

Why I love what I do: Our bodies are capable of so much more than we even know. It’s not about “skinny”…. It’s not about what size you are…. It’s about finding your strength… surprising yourself and knowing that you are surrounded by a community that wants to hold you up and cheer you on. Inspire has been and will always  be that for me… and the name couldn’t be more on point. 

Values: Honesty, Respect, Humor