What is the Megaformer?

In the world of fitness, there is seemingly an endless litany of innovations and advancements. Diets, workouts, accessories all cloud and crowd the fitness world, but when one concept stands out, it’s worth paying attention too. Inspire Seattle is excited to offer its members the opportunity to use the Megaformer. This revolutionary new way to workout has all the benefits of a low-impact workout but leaves you feeling like you’ve just finished a high-intensity set. But what is the Megaformer? Read on as Inspire Seattle introduces you to this amazing new way to get fit.

developing the megaformer

The Megaformer story starts the same as many fitness success stories. Designer Sebastien Lagree had struggled with weight and fitness issues as a young man and was inspired to look for a new, more effective way to exercise. In developing the Megaformer, Lagree took inspiration from the stretching and toning methods of pilates and the chiseling and muscle building methods of bodybuilding. With these elements in mind, he began developing the Megaformer, a workout machine that blends the high-intensity aspects of bodybuilding with the low-impact movements of pilates.

how it works

Lagree realized that the most effective workouts address the five areas of overall physical fitness: cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility. An exercise routine or machine that incorporates all five of these leads to a greater feeling and sense of physical fitness than exercises that only target a few of these.

The Megaformer and the Lagree Fitness Method were designed to produce exercises that highlight effective resistance training while working the entire range of motion of your extremities. These exercises are carried out to an exacting tempo and duration that Lagree himself has set. This helps each Megaformer user exercise at an intensity level that puts the whole body through its paces.

This full body workout experience is thanks to the design of the Megaformer machine itself. The Megaformer uses a series of adjustable spring-loaded resistance bands and weights that are completely customizable. This tailored approach engages the body’s muscles in a series of slow and deliberate muscles that improve the stamina and flow of oxygen to the muscles. This careful and precise form of exercise allows the body to workout longer and more effectively. Because the Megaformer is exercising the body’s slow-twitch muscles, these muscles don’t bulk up and burn fat more efficiently as a result.

The Megaformer machine provides a challenging, but rewarding workout. It actively engages muscle groups that typical workouts or pilates methods don’t. In a single session, Megaformer users engage their core, and their legs to retain stability, while stretching and working their arms, back, and neck. Oftentimes, even users who already consider themselves fairly fit leave each Megaformer session shaking and tired, even after taking frequent breaks throughout the session. The Megaformer is meant to keep you constantly moving during your session, but in a controlled way to ensure that your body is burning as many calories as possible. A typical session can burn anywhere from 700 – 1000 calories if the exercises are performed precisely and carefully. Regular practice of the Megaformer’s 40-minute workout can help you tone and shape your body fast!

who’s using it

The Megaformer has proven to be a mega-hit with celebrities and high profile individuals. While Lagree developed his Megaformer in LA, the machine has found favor with celebrities across the United States. Individuals like Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, Calvin Harris, and even Michelle Obama have all used the Megaformer with great results.

These celebrities all recognized that the Megaformer is an effective and expedited way to see results. The exercises help users develop a long, lean, and muscular body shape that is popular amongst actors and actresses.


the megaformer at inspire seattle

If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, stop by one of Inspire Seattle’s three locations. We offer our members several different packages each month so that you can maximize your workout potential. Our premier studio also highlights the importance of total body fitness, so you can always be working out every part of your body. Join now, and see the difference a Megaformer workout can make in as little as three sessions!