Whether it’s your first Lagree workout or you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to the reformer, knowing what to eat after a workout is key. We all know that it’s important to fuel your body with the right foods and macronutrients for your health, but if you’re not fueling yourself with the right foods, you’re also not getting all the benefits from your workout. At Inspire Seattle, we want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts. You’ve worked hard and deserve to reap the benefits from that! So let’s take a look at some of the most beneficial foods that you can eat after your workouts.


First things first, you need to make sure that you’re hydrated. Drinking enough water before, during, and after your workout can drastically help with recovery and your performance the next day. Depending on the intensity of your workout and the temperature of the environment, you may also want to consider an electrolyte drink that replenishes sodium and potassium, which is lost in your sweat.




First things first, low impact does not mean low intensity. Low impact workouts are still just as hard, if not harder, than most typical high impact exercises. We all know that it’s important to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle, but heavy physical activity can sometimes have a negative impact on your body, causing some people to steer away from the idea of exercise altogether.

If you are someone who has suffered from previous injuries or you are fearful of hurting yourself, engaging in some type of low impact exercise may be the best option for you! At Inspire Seattle, we are a Lagree Fitness studio that focuses on not only physical strength, but mental strength that also takes place when you engage in forms of exercise. If you’ve never heard of Lagree, click here to read more about what it is and who created it.

Lagree is a wonderful type of exercise that everyone can engage in. It does not matter your gender, age, or athletic...


Lagree fitness is becoming one of the fastest growing and most popular workout styles in the fitness industry. The Lagree method is a multi-faceted workout that combines both resistance training and cardio into one. It’s an all-inclusive balanced system to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body all in 40 minutes.

Lagree was created by a man named Sebastien Lagree, who also invented the Megaformer, which goes along with the exercise method. Lagree fitness offers a unique twist on traditional exercises like squats, lunges, planks, and push ups while combining those movements with exercises specific to the Megaformer.

Many people have equated Lagree to Pilates and while they may have certain similarities, they do have their differences. At Inspire Seattle, we are a full Lagree studio and proud to be the first studio in Seattle to offer the Lagree Method! So let’s go over some of the main differences between Lagree and Pilates.

The Machine

One of the main differences is the machine that is used. Many clients will walk into their first class...


The New Year’s fitness kick is long over and while summer is just around the corner you may be finding yourself in a bit of a rut. You may no longer be as motivated to hit the gym and stick to your diet and that is okay. It’s perfectly normal for your health goals to fluctuate throughout the year. At Inspire Fitness, we want to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle, and we’ve listed out a few tips to help you continue on your fitness journey and stick to your goals.


Just like you keep a schedule for work, you should do the same with your fitness goals. We recommend writing them down in a planner, calendar (your phone calendar works too), or even just on a sticky note. This way you have them right in front of your face, and that constant reminder can be enough to hold yourself accountable. Find what works for you. If you have a busy work day and the idea of working out in the evening sounds like medieval torture, try working out in the morning. It might be hard at first, but once you create that routine for yourself it will become...


You set out to accomplish something big, and you worked your tail off to get there. Congratulations — you finally reached your fitness goal! It’s time to celebrate. Yet you might be thinking to yourself — now what? You don’t want to lose this momentum, but you also want to be realistic. Your goal motivated you to this point, so you want to be thoughtful about the next milestone you strive for to ensure you never stop seeking to get better.

If you’re looking to set new fitness goals for yourself, here are some tips for refining them:

reflect on how you’ve changed

Chances are, through the process of striving towards your fitness goals, you’ve changed. Take some time to reflect on how you’ve changed, both as a person and in terms of your lifestyle. Maybe you have become more ambitious through this process, and therefore, can strive for bigger goals. Maybe your schedule has gotten busier with a new job, hobby, or relationship, and now you need to adapt your fitness routine to better fit into your life.

This time you’re setting goals, you’re a...


You have seen the results from your favorite celebrities, so you are familiar with the physical benefits of Lagree Fitness. You are getting a full-body workout that increases flexibility, strengthens your muscles, and improves your endurance. However, the truth is, the workout has only just begun once you start to feel your muscles begin to shake. Your legs, arms, and abs aren’t the only parts of your body getting stronger — so is your mind. The most important gains you receive from Lagree Fitness are mental.

better focus

Have you ever found your mind start wandering during a fitness class? Your body may be going through the motions, but you’re thinking about what you’re going to eat for dinner or how annoying your coworker was today. You don’t have the luxury of a wandering mind during a Megaformer workout. You are forced to focus on the now because you have to listen to the instructor to understand how to do the moves correctly. Not only that, you are tuning into how your muscles are feeling and responding to those movements, so you have to...


It’s true that most of the people who come into Inspire Seattle for a Megaformer workout are women. This is probably because Lagree Fitness is the preferred workout of many female celebrities who are known for their toned bodies. While we are happy to offer this incredible approach to wellness to women, we also love it when we see guys come into our fitness classes, and it’s happening more and more now. An increasing number of men are realizing all that they stand to gain from Megaformer workouts. After all, this innovative fitness machine was invented by a man: Sebastien Lagree.

So, shout out to our female fitness warriors, but today, we are going to take a moment to highlight all the ways men can benefit from Lagree Fitness.

it’s all about the core

Are you chasing after the elusive six-pack? Doing all those sit-ups isn’t going to cut it. If you’re looking for enhance your core strength, it isn’t enough to simply do isometric exercises that target the abs. When you go to a Lagree Fitness class, you are using your core the entire time. Every...


At Inspire Seattle, we are proud to offer a fun, empowering workout that strengthens your body, improves your confidence, and challenges you every time you come to our fitness studio. You can rely on our workout to consistently bring you closer to your fitness goals, regardless of when you decide to jump on the Megaformer. However, to truly get the most out of your workout, it’s important to be thoughtful about how you’re fueling it. Just like a car, you aren’t going to get too far without some gas in the tank. We need food for our bodies to function optimally, so more important than anything, make sure that you are eating at least a quick snack before you come into our studio. That being said, there are some food choices that will make your workout go smoothly, and others that will leave you uncomfortable. In this post, we will go over some good options for fueling your Megaformer workout.

eating a full meal

First off, if you will be eating a full meal before you come in for your Lagree fitness class in Seattle, it’s best to eat between an hour and...


Even the most confident person you know has days when they’re not 100-percent sure of themselves. Some days, it might feel like your inner critic just won’t leave you alone, and that makes you feel rotten. When your self-esteem is in the gutter, one reliable way to give yourself a confidence boost is through a Lagree Fitness workout. Yes, the Megaformer workout is a full-body conditioning workout, and our members often see incredible results in their bodies. However, the confidence that comes from our workout is more about the mental benefits than the physical ones.

a sense of accomplishment

Confidence comes from taking risks and accomplishing your goals. When you finish a Lagree workout, there is no experience that compares to the sense of pride you will feel. Our challenging bodyweight workout makes it so every time you leave our fitness studio, you feel proud of yourself for working up such a sweat, and this makes you more confident.

stress relief

When you exercise, your body releases those sweet, sweet endorphins....


Exercise in all forms can be beneficial to your health and longevity, particularly when you are consistent with it. However, here at Inspire Seattle, we focus on low-impact exercise with our Megaformer workouts. Low-impact exercise has several advantages over its counterpart, high-impact exercise, that you may not have known before.

what is the difference between low-impact exercise and high-impact exercise?

There are two categories of types of exercise: high-impact and low-impact. High-impact exercise may sound intense; you might think of contact sports like football when you hear the term. However, high-impact is not necessarily coming into contact with another person. It can also refer to the internal impact on the joints. For example, running is a form of high-impact exercise. This cardio activity may be great for your heart, but over time, it erodes the joints and supporting muscles.

In contrast, low-impact exercise does not involve any type of contact that stresses the joints, such as the impact of hitting the ground when you run. That...


If you have experienced a Lagree Fitness workout, you know that during each 40-minute workout, you’re using the Megaformer to enhance all five elements of physical fitness. One session provides everything you need to optimize your exercise regime. But do you know anything about the man behind the machine? Sebastien Lagree, the inventor of the Megaformer, has been on a long journey to health and fitness, which led him to create this innovative machine to help others like him. If you’re curious to read about the CEO of Lagree Fitness, read on below for some background information on Mr. Lagree as well as his machine.

lagree’s background

Mr. Lagree was born in France and raised in a rural area about an hour east of Paris. He first began working out when he was teenager. When his parents split up, he moved with his mother to the States and became completely obsessed with working out. He became a bodybuilder in his 20s and began spending 40 hours a week in pursuit of fitness. During this time of his life, his preoccupation with bodybuilding was unhealthy,...


If you have a very specific area of the body you would like to work on, you may be doing isolation exercises to target it. Isolation exercises are when you focus on a particular muscle with the movement. For example, if you’re trying to strengthen your biceps, you might be doing barbell curls till you’re blue in the face. While this will certainly strengthen your biceps, it isn’t the best use of your time if you’re looking to improve your overall fitness. With compound exercises, meaning exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once, you are maximizing not only the strength benefits of exercise but also improving your flexibility and cardiovascular health. At Inspire Seattle, we offer Lagree Fitness classes, which work all the muscle groups in the body in just 40 minutes!

To fully understand why compound exercises are so beneficial, we have compiled a list of reasons why they are the best way to get the most out of your workout.

burn more calories

If weight loss is one of your goals, isolation exercises are a waste of your precious time....


The inventor of Lagree Fitness, Sebastien Lagree, created this incredible workout with the five elements of fitness in mind: cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility. This is because he knew that fitness isn’t simply about being strong or able to run for a long time; it’s made up of far more than that. With each of these elements in mind, he made the Megaformer workout, which incorporates small, slow movements, resistance, and a focus on the core to create a workout that will leave you shaking at the end of it. When you do a Lagree Fitness workout, you can rest assured that you are truly hitting all five elements of fitness, so after committing to a regular routine, your fitness levels skyrocket. To truly understand what we mean about each of these elements and how they fit into the Lagree workout, read on below.


Simply put, cardiovascular endurance is how well your heart, lungs, and blood vessels work to supply oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. Your level of cardiovascular endurance is shown through how well your body can...


If you’ve never experienced a Lagree Fitness workout, you probably have a lot of questions. You may have glimpsed the Megaformer and thought to yourself, “what the heck is that?!” While you may be intimidated when you see what appears to be a Pilates machine on steroids, the Megaformer is what you have been missing from your life to take your workout to the next level. If you’re curious to try this 40-minute class, sign up for your first class at Inspire Seattle today! In the meantime, here is what you can expect when you come in for your first workout.

what to know before class

Each class is 40 minutes long, but plan on arriving for your first class about 10 minutes before it starts. This way, you can talk to the instructor and get a high-level...


In the world of fitness, there is seemingly an endless litany of innovations and advancements. Diets, workouts, accessories all cloud and crowd the fitness world, but when one concept stands out, it’s worth paying attention too. Inspire Seattle is excited to offer its members the opportunity to use the Megaformer. This revolutionary new way to workout has all the benefits of a low-impact workout but leaves you feeling like you’ve just finished a high-intensity set. But what is the Megaformer? Read on as Inspire Seattle introduces you to this amazing new way to get fit.

developing the megaformer

The Megaformer story starts the same as many fitness success stories. Designer Sebastien Lagree had struggled with weight and fitness issues as a young man and was inspired to look for a new, more effective way to exercise. In developing the Megaformer, Lagree took inspiration from the stretching and toning methods of pilates and the chiseling and muscle building methods of bodybuilding. With these elements in...


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